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Rice Puff

Q: What is the benefits of germinated brown rice?

A: Organic germinated brown rice contains Gaba which helps and protect the balance in human’s brain. It also has fiber and amino acid which is necessary in the growth development.

Q: Will Gaba be lost during the production process?

A: It may be slightly lost during the production process, however Gaba amount indicated on the box is the amount that we measured Organic Gaba rice puff after the process.

Q: Is there any flavour added in Original flavour?

A: Yes, Original flavour is sea salt added in a healthy amount. In sea salt, there is an iodine which helps protect Goiter disease.

Q: Is there any allergic ingredients in Apple Monkey Organic Rice Puff?

A: Our Apple Monekey rice puff is Gluten free, Nut or Soy free, Dairy free, and seafood free. The chocolate that we use the choco-banana flavour is pure cacao.


Q: What is Carob?

A: Carob is a plant which looks similar to cacao. Carob can be processed into powder which tastes and smells like cacao, but this carob powder does not contain caffeine.

Q: Why Calcium and Iron are added into Biscoito?

A: For toddler development, Calcium will help develop bone and tooth. For Iron, normally it contains in Breastmilk, however after 6 months of breastfeeding, iron in breastmilk will be significantly decreasing, the need of iron in baby will be needed from other sources such as food, fruit, and snack. Iron is a main composite of body’s hemoglobin which helps increase human’s immune system. Moreover, iron can help develop cognitive development.

Q: What does the mild-sweet-creamy taste in Biscoito stem from?

A: Apple Monkey always cares about cow milk allergy in your little one. Thus, we use coconut milk instead of cow milk and butter. Moreover, coconut milk is healthier because coconut milk’s fat is a medium chain fatty acid which is not collected in human’s body when consumed. Coconut milk has Lauric acid which helps restrain bacteria and increase immune system.

Q: Which part of coconut does the coconut milk come from?

A: We squeeze coconut meat to get coconut milk. Then, we mix the coconut milk with coconut juice to be our Biscoito ingredients. This will decrease fat in a pure coconut milk.

I'm Gluten Free

Q: Why don't I'm Gluten free cookie contains Gluten, Cow's milk, and Nuts as an ingredients?

A: Gluten, Milk, and Nuts can be an allergic food for your kids. Many researches in developed countries finds out that every 133 people will have one person who is allergic to Gluten, Milk, and Nuts. This statistic is estimated around 0.5-5.4% of population.

Q: What does Gluten free flour stem from?

A: We use Gluten free flour which is extracted from rice, corn, and potato. By testing Gluten in our flour with Asia Medical and Agricultural Laboratory and Research Center, we do not detect any Gluten in our Gluten free flour.

Q: Why're Apple Monkey cookies low sugar, less salt, and less fat?

A: Sweet, fatty, and salty kinds of food are main factors which lead to many disease such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This decrease the quality of life. It is better to limit sugar, salt, and fat in kid which is for their good start.

Q: Why's Gluten free?

A: Because having food or snack which contains Gluten can effect the function of small intestine to be hard to digest food as its normal function. This results in a malfunction in digestive system which is calles Cileac disease or Allergy to Gluten wihout any awareness.

Q: Why are Carrot, Spinach, and Chocolate chip&Raisin mixed in Apple Monkey’s Gluten free cookies?

A: Orange from Carrot contains Carothenoid which provide vitamin A and nourish eyesight. Green from Spinach provide Iron and mineral. Brown from Chocolate chip and raisin give Polyphenol and Serotonin which develop good mood.

Multi Puff

Q: What is multigrain?

A:  Our Apple Monkey Multi Puff is composed of Brown Jasmine rice, Quinoa, and Corn. We use a variety grain because Brown Jasmine rice is stand for fiber and vitamin, Quinoa contains protein, and Corn have a mineral and helps Multi Puff texture more favorable.

Q: When can our little one have Multi Puff?

A: You can observe and notice that your little one can pick up his snack by using his thumb and forefinger and mash his snack or food by his gum. Moreover, he can crawl without his tummy touching floor. Those behaviors show that your little one is ready to have our Multi puff.

Q: Why does Apple Monkey Multi Puff have a stick form?

A: Stick form helps your little one to use his palm’s ability to grab and hold. He can also learn how to self-feed by gradually biting the Multi puff stick using his gum.

Flower Ring Puff

Spongy Puff

Q: What does mind sweet taste come from?

A:  The natural sweetness in Flowering Puff is stemmed from real fruit and vegetable. No added sugar.

Q: Is Flowering puff added flavour or MSG?

A: No, there are no salt, sugar, and MSG added in our Flowering Puff

Q: Does Flowering Puff contain Gluten?

A: Apple Monkey Flowering Puff is gluten free as the main ingredients are from Organic brown rice and corn.

Q: Is Flowering Puff dairy free?

A: Our Flowering Puff is made without milk and egg

Q: Does Flowering Puff contain preservatives?

A: Our Flowering Puff is baked without preservatives.

Q: Please advise how to enjoy Apple Monkey Flowering Puff.

A: Your little one can enjoy Flowering puff in a variety way.

- Just simple snack.

- You can add milk into our flowering puff for a breakfast or meal.

- Flowering puff can be a topping in salad, ice cream, or pancake for various tastes and textures.

Q: What does Spongy puff made from?

A: Our Spongy Puff is made from Jasmine rice and corn to have a fluffy texture. In addition, it is Gluten free.

Q: When can our little one have Spongy Puff?

A: Spongy Puff offers a variety of flavour without MSG. It can be an alternative snack for a little one who would love to taste more flavour. Please make sure that he is ready to have a variety texture of solid food.  Moreover, he has already developed back teeth for chewing food.

Q: What is Calcium in Spongy puff for?

A: For Kids development, Calcium will help develop bone and tooth. Calcium used in Spongy Puff is extracted from seaweed.

Yogurt Rice

Wawah Chips

Q: What is Inulin in Yogurt Rice Teethers?

A: Inulin is a type of plant-based soluble fiber which helps balance bacteria in gut (Probiotic) by body's digestive system. Thus, Inulin is qualified as Prebiotic.

Q: Why’s prebiotic from yogurt?

A: Because prebiotic in yogurt can be the healthy microbes in gut which help support digestive system. Moreover, many researches have found that prebiotic may encourage the body absorb calcium which helps kids build bone and body’s development.

Q: When can our little one have Yogurt rice teethers?

A: You can observe from your kid’s development that he can mash food between his gums, pick up food to eat by his little palm and crawl without tummy touching ground.

Q: When can our little one have Wawah chip?

A: You can see that he have full primary teeth, so he can bite and mash various texture of solid foods.  He can walk without help. With a delicious crunchy chip, everyone in your family can have it.

Cereal Puff

Q: After opening the bag, how long should it be stored?

A: In our packaging, we provide a ziplock bag so that you can seal it if you cannot eat it all at once. Normally, snacks spoil from moisture leaking into the package, making them less crispy and allowing mold to grow. As a result, we will create a package that able to prevent moisture, which is a ziplock bag. In addition, if you close a ziplock bag completely, it can be stored for 1 week. As advice, the parents should taste a snack first because the baby should not eat snacks that is extremely soft.

Q: Why does the wholegrain cereal puff taste sweet even without sugar added?

A: The sweetness comes from 2 ways. Firstly, the main ingredients, which are Brown Jasmine rice and Corn, naturally change into sugar after being heated up. The taste sweet almost like a cooked rice. Secondly, it comes from the powder of vegetable and fruit that contains a natural sugar, so that’s why it has a sweetness.

Q: Could you suggest having the wholegrain cereal puff along with other menus?

A: In addition to being served as a snack, the wholegrain cereal puff can be combined with other dishes such as milk, yogurt, pancake and salad.

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