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Ready Meal

Q: What age is ready for Apple Monkey organic ready meal?

A: Our organic ready meal is suitable for 6 months and above.

Q: What is the main ingredients?

A: Our main ingredients are Apple Monkey ready meal are Brown rice and Red rice. There is no wheat or other gluten ingredients.

Q: Is it difficult to prepare one meal by using Apple Monkey organic ready meal?

A: No, it is very easy to prepare as in one box, there are 6 sachets. You can tear one sachet and put the powder into a bowl, then just add any temperature of water, and mix thoroughly to become one meal for your little one.

Q: Is Apple Monkey Organic ready meal certified organic?

A: Yes, our Organic ready meal is certified by EU organic regime.

Q: Is the products added flavor or preservatives?

A: No, the taste is real from rice, fruit, and vegetable without sugar, salt, and preservatives added.

Q: As the products are pre-cooked, does the nutrition still remain?

A: The nutrition is still remained. You can check nutrition table in the box. This nutrition table is the result of our pre-cooked organic ready meal with certified lab test.

Banana Mashed

Q:  Which age is suitable to have Banana Sauce mashed with fruit?

A:  Our banana sauce mashed with fruit is 100 percent of fruit puree without any additives and preservatives. If your little one is ready to have fruit (should be more than 6 months), you can have our banana sauce mashed with fruits.  It is also suitable for any age who wants on-the-go fruit.

Q: Why Apple Monkey use banana as a base?

A: Banana is full of vitamin and mineral.  It is also cook as a first mashed fruit for baby in Thai mom’s kitchen. Moreover, Apple Monkey use Thai cultivated banana which is easier to digest than typical banana and has a good source of multi-Vitamin B and other mineral.

Q: How can Apple Monkey Banana mashed with fruit have a longer shelf life without preservatives?

A: We use a rotary sterilization retort process to produce in hermetically seal pouch to kill all bacteria and germ.  This food technology can prolong the shelf life of Apple Monkey Banana mashed without adding preservatives. It also saves Vitamin and mineral in fruit.

Q:  Shall Apple Monkey fruit mashed be kept in refrigerator?

A: Apple Monkey Banana mashed with fruit can be kept and ready to eat in room temperature, however, if you cannot finish one fruit pouch when opened, you should close the cap and keep in refrigerator and finish it within 24 hours. Some people love our fruit mashed when refrigerated. They say it tastes like a smoothie.

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